Dirty talk is powerful, more so if you know how to do it right. The journey to discover your sexual prowess can receive a major boost if you put in a little effort in knowing a thing or two on how to talk dirty. That you can comfortably explore your sexual capabilities without any fears ultimately means you can satisfy your man in bed in addition to discovering some of his hidden sexual cravings as well.

In a nutshell dirty talk has some sort of spiral effect to your sex life; learning one thing leads to discovery of another. To add to what you already know about dirty talk, here are six ways to use dirty talk that sound sexy.

1. Learn dirty talk tricks… Dirty talk, just like any other art, needs continual learning. What worked yesterday might not work today, or better still what worked on your ex-boyfriend might not work on the current one. It therefore goes without saying you must continually learn the ever-changing tricks and tips of dirty talk.

However, with that in mind there are a few tricks that are always evergreen no matter which man you use them on. You can never go wrong if you told a man to do something to you or by letting him know how you feel. Men want to be flattered in bed, so telling him you like what he is doing to you will only make him intensify his thrusts.

2. Be authentic… Most women tend to think that dirty talk that sounds sexy is all about replicating what is done in pornographic movies. Your endeavor to learn how to talk dirty might hit a dead end even before it starts if you take this perspective.

Using dirty talk that sounds sexy is all about being as authentic and as original as possible. If you copy what’s done in the adult movies you might end up sounding ridiculous. In as much as dirty talk is a learning process, the bottom line still remains that it’s the perspective that you take that really matters, and you cannot execute it well unless you remain true to yourself.

3. Have your own unique tone… It’s been said time and again that it’s not what you say, but how you say it that really counts, when it comes to talking dirty. One of the ways of using dirty talk that sounds sexy is finding your own unique tone and learning how to put it to good use.

In addition to a unique tone, you may want to use periodic sighs and moans, high-pitched shrieks and specific whispers. If you want to perfect various aspects you must learn how to surprise him using an array of sexy voices.

4. Don’t stick to the usual vocabulary… Dirty talk can give you the chance to have a foul mouth without having to worry too much about what your guy thinks of it. I mean, he too will be deeply engrossed in the heat of the moment to care about what you’re saying.

5. Practice and more practice… That practice makes perfect needs no emphasis. Becoming really good at dirty talk calls for a lot of practice. You don’t have to wait until your guy shows up to begin. You can talk dirty to yourself while touching your body. Just imagine he was there and you were making love to him. The more you do it the better you become and the easier it will be for you to sound sexy.

6. Set some rules… Let’s face it, in as much as you want to learn how to talk dirty, and use it in a sexy manner, you may not be comfortable with some dirty words. We all have different gut feelings and it’s imperative you inform your guy what you can say and what you might not be very comfortable saying. This will in effect ensure you don’t have unnecessary arguments with your partner.

In the same breath you should make your guy understand you might say anything in the heat of the moment and he shouldn’t take it personally. In other words, your partner should not judge you.

Dirty talk can be fun if done in the right manner. It is also important to mention that it can set you on a collision course with your partner if you miss a rule. However, with these six tips for talking dirty such instances can be avoided if you apply them when talking dirty.