7 Dirty Talking Examples to Use on Your Guy Tonight

If you thought that dirty talk doesn’t make sex hotter, think again. As a matter of fact if you have not been talking dirty to your man during sex, you may have missed an opportunity to finally find out what he really wants and desires in bed.

Whoever told you that dirty talk is in the realm of porn stars or immoral women have told you the biggest of lies. If you have not been engaging in dirty talk while making love with your man, then it’s time you found some dirty talking examples and start making use of them right away.

While I am here to help with these dirty talk examples, I can’t help, but imagine that there have been a few issues holding you back and that’s the most probable reason why you have not been talking dirty to your man. It therefore makes perfect sense if we address those issues first before we delve into some examples to use on your guy starting tonight.

Get over your fears and start doing it… Those women you see in porn movies didn’t grow up knowing how to talk dirty. At some point they were as naive as you, perhaps even more naive. I know this is an extreme example, but it will bring out the point I am trying to share more vividly. Come to think of it, besides talking dirty imagine being surrounded by lights and cameras, naked! It takes a woman of courage and guts to do that.

Closer home, chances are you get naked in bed alone with your man and it’s just the two of you. It’s for this reason that I insist you get over the fear that has be holding you back from talking dirty. I mean, you’ve known your man for some time now, so what are you afraid of? Being misjudged? Oh no! Your man will certainly love it, nearly all men (including your man) love dirty talk.

Start slow… I understand you can’t go sounding promiscuous in the name of talking dirty to your man. You’ve never done it before, how could you go shouting “take me now” out of nowhere? Don’t worry, start slow. If you’re unsure of what to say, visit a few websites and blogs and you will find some mild examples.

Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word when you’re starting out, moans and sighs are enough. As the thrusts get intense, so will the moans and sighs and the chances of you saying “oh yeah, I love that” almost involuntarily are relatively high. Do you see? You’re slowly getting into dirty talk, nice and easy.

Get better every time… As you overcome your fears and slowly start sliding into the world of dirty talk, you will notice that your confidence levels increase as well. Don’t stop there, get better every time. Explore your inner sexual capabilities. Practice in the front of the mirror if you have to.

As you get better, the sex becomes more and more exciting because there is something to yearn for every time. It’s imperative to mention that the more you talk dirty to your man, the easier it is for you to know what his fantasies and his cravings are. Don’t you wish you knew what your man really wants in bed?

Now on to the seven examples to use on your guy tonight;

• Baby, you can have me any way you want.

• I love what you’re doing to me.

• Please give me some more, I can’t get enough.

• How are you feeling? Do you love that?

• Oh yeah, like that Hun, don’t stop.

• Harder baby, harder.

• I am coming (this is very powerful, trust me, I know).

That’s as easy as pie, you must be thinking. Yes indeed! Very easy. You notice that all these phrases are mild and contain nothing explicit. They are ideal if you’re just starting out with dirty talk. With the earlier discussed three tips on dirty talk and now these seven examples you now know how to use dirty talking on your guy tonight.