Effective Ways to Talk Dirty to Your Husband or Boyfriend

The best thing about dirty talk is that it is a sexy and practical way to completely transform your sex life. The thing is, dirty talking can be a very simple or a very complicated technique depending on whether you do it right or wrong. First, you need to know what dirty talking is.

What is dirty talk?
Simply put, talking dirty is verbal expression before, during or after sex. Flirting on the phone is dirty talk. Moaning when making love. Telling your man how you feel when he is inside you. Do away with the notion that talking dirty is hurling insults and using derogatory terms during the heat of the moment only.

How do you talk dirty?
Every girl has a little naughty girl inside them, it is that character that comes out during dirty talk that allows them to express themselves, to say what they want and to say how they feel. To master the art of talking dirty, you have to let the little slut in you out. The first step though will be to know your man well and be comfortable with him. Talking dirty will only be effective if you are open to each other.

Expect awkwardness and embarrassment
The first couple of times will be embarrassing, maybe even awkward. But you and your partner will get comfortable with time. Discuss and know what words and phrases are safe for you and him and know what turns him on and what he likes. One good advice I can give you is to get an instruction manual online – you can find an eBook that has all the tips, tricks, ideas, examples and basically everything a starter needs to perfect dirty talk.

Warning: Do not overdo it!
You may have watched some porno films once in a while and picked a few phrases here and there but, do not go off screaming them. What you say has to come from deep inside you. You have to describe what you feel in the simplest yet naughtiest or sexiest way possible. The best way to talk dirty is to set the mood through flirting and sexting if you are not together and keep it going during foreplay.

Talking dirty involves telling your man how you feel, telling him what to do and praising him when he does well. Remember that men have egos and you have to stroke your man’s. This will get the beast in him out and both of you will certainly be on the winning side.