Topics to Talk With Girls – What Interests Her?

What are best topics to talk with girls? What would interest her and make her enjoy the conversation? Are there topics which are not good to talk about? Will she enjoy having a talk with you? What if she dislikes the topic? How can you make the conversation interesting? What I should and should not talk about.

The first thing that you have to do to let a girl know that you like her is to start a small talk or conversation. If you do not open your mouth and keep quiet all the time, then the girl would think of only two things, either you are afraid of the opposite sex or you are simply aloof. You will never succeed in getting to know another person if you do not talk at all. By talking about small things at present, sooner or later you can get to talk about bigger and more interesting things. It is important, however, to provide good topics to talk with girls. You have to make it a point that you talk about things that does not make her feel uncomfortable.

Some of the topics that you can talk about are:

Hobbies and Interests

It would always be a good idea to talk about one another’s hobbies and interests. There are times when you share the same interests and this would make your conversation more interesting. It is also through this topic that you are able to determine your similarities and differences.

The Latest News or Gossip

Although talking about other people whom you both know is not a good idea, it would be nice to talk about the latest pleasant news about celebrities, fashion and any current event. This would show if you are concerned with things around your community. It is important, though, not to go overboard. If you talk too much about fashion and showbiz, she would make an assumption that you are gay or going towards the female gender.

Food and Nearby Restaurants

Food is always an interesting topic to talk about not only with girls but with other people in general. This means that it is always safe to talk about food, restaurants, cooking, pastries and other related topics. You will surely enjoy talking about food especially if there are common foods that you both enjoy. Eating out is also a great idea for dating. You can talk about an excellent nearby restaurant where you can have a chance to visit someday.

Books and Magazines

Not all people are known to be readers. However, it would be nice to know what books and magazines are interesting to talk about. You can also share stories about good books you have read in the past. Lending your books and borrowing hers is a good way to keep the communication on-going.

Sports and Recreation

There are topics to talk with girls when it comes to sports and recreation. There are chances that both of you can be inclined to sports, or one of you, or none of you. Hence, there are still interesting things to talk about with this topic such as a famous sports icon or a current sport activity that is part of the latest trend. The concept of electronic gadgets can also be talked about as form of recreation.

Topics to talk with girls are not that difficult to find. There will always be a lot to talk about and all these can be interesting depending on how you introduce the topic and how you handle it.